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Эталонный расходомер счетчик жидкости и газа НОРД-О - идеальное решение для стендов

Technical support



Experienced technical specialists of Installation and Training Department are available to assist customers in technical support and advise about any technical issues (installation, setting and running of fuel flow meters).
Support Office contacts:


Training of DFM users is held at Technoton (Minsk, Belarus). We also provide distance training courses.
The training program consist of:
1. The requirements to a technical state of a vehicle for setting the fuel flow meters.
2. Vehicle inspection and preparation of an
inspection act.
3. Safety means when working on the vehicle.
4. General instructions on installation.
5. Mounting of the fuel level sensor DUT-E.
a) purpose, construction, technical characteristics of DUT;
b) the order of installation of the fuel level sensor;
c) DUT installation features on the vehicles with two tanks.
6. Mounting of the fuel flow meters DFM.
a) purpose,
construction, technical characteristics of the fuel flow meter DFM;
b) the fuel flow meters operating principle;
c) accuracy general questions;
d) direct measurement of the fuel consumption in fuel line of the vehicle;
e) DFM installation "on depression";
f) DFM installation "on pressure";
g) differential measurement of the fuel consumption;
h) choice of installation place;
i) installation order;
j) electric power;
k) operability checking;
l) calibration of standard sensors of the vehicle. Calibration of the fuel tank;
m) the accuracy of equipment.
7. Practical training of installation on a vehicle.

Companies that are interested in being our Dealers and Partners as well as in training courses go to Document Center, complete “Dealer Application” and e-mail it to marketing@technoton.by or fax it to (+375 17) 223 78 20, 298 05 98.

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