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Whether it possible to deceive DFM?
It is recommended to seal pipe connections on the fuel flow meter output. If you will control seals condition the DFM deceiving will be impossible.
How the fuel flow meter DFM defines an engine operating time?
On fuel consumption presence through the fuel flow meter DFM.
Where is it necessary to seal a fuel system after the fuel flow meter DFM installation?
There is no reason to drain the fuel before DFM, because this volume of fuel is not considered. That’s why you have to seal all the joints of fuel line after the fuel flow meter DFM: DFM output, the return valve, input to a high pressure fuel pump and its cap. Besides usually it is necessary to seal the bleed valve on tractors, on YAMZ or KAMAZ engines; it concerns the feeding tubes of the electrotorch prestarting preheater.
What is a replacement interval of the fuel flow meter DFM battery?
The estimated duration of battery life is at least 24 months.
How to install the fuel flow meter?
You may download the detailed Installation Manual from Document center.
We strongly recommend to get corporate training in JV “Technoton” department of technical support in Minsk or in your territory during the equipment mounting. Quality installation affects the quality of the fuel flow meter operating.

How to choose the fuel flow meter?
You should choose the differential fuel flow meter for vehicles with a modern engine EURO 3/4/5.
The choice of the fuel flow meter for engine.

Engine power, kWt Recommended fuel flow meters Recommended mounting kits
Until 80 DFM 50 №2, №9, №10
80 - 150 DFM 90, DFM 100 №2, №9, №10
150 - 300 DFM 220, DFM 250 №4
300 - 500 DFM 400 №4

The choice of the fuel flow meter for boiler/burner

Boiler heat productivity, кWt MAX burner flow consumption, l/h Recommended fuel flow meters Recommended mounting kits
400 40 DFM 50 №2, №9, №10
800 80 DFM 90, DFM 100 №2, №9, №10
1500 150 DFM 220, DFM 250 №4
3500 350 DFM 400 №4

What fluids can be measured by the fuel flow meter?
The fuel flow meter DFM can measure the following fluids:
• Diesel fuel;
• Mineral oil;
• Other types of liquids with kinematic viscosity from 1.5 to 6 mm2/sec.
Application for more viscous liquids is also possible, but the maximum consumption may get less than critical and the pressure on the meter gets down. All the meters DFM are tested in the diesel fuel. Necessarily indicate the fuel type and viscosity in your order.
The materials resistant to gasoline are used for DFM manufacturing. Use safety means in accordance with the national laws when working with gasoline.
We have new flow meter DFM 50CK model. We would like to see more details...
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