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Autonomous fuel flow counter

Autonomous engine flow meter



Autonomous fuel flow counter DFM is a complete solution for fuel consumption control. Fuel counter DFM can be used to create the fleet fuel consumption accounting system.
Fuel flow counter DFM displays information on LCD screen. Control and fixation of fuel consumption indications is made by a responsible person visually, with entering data to the report.

Example of the fuel consumption report.



It is supposed to use on-board computers (terminals) during the application of the fuel consumption accounting system in the company.
The fuel consumption accounting system based on the autonomous fuel counter DFM is easy to install and maintenance. There is no need in any additional costs for hardware and software.

Autonomous engine flow meter

Fuel flow counter DFM is powered by built-in battery. Its resources are enough for more than 24 months of continuous operation of the device. The fuel counter DFM has no buttons - switching on the screen is made with a special magnetic key.


Engine operating time control

Along with the function of fuel monitoring the fuel counters DFM have the function of engine operating time control (only model “DFM C”). This functional is very useful for some kinds of machines.


Tampering and interference protection

Unique tampering and intervention protection functions of the fuel counter DFM allow using it in companies, where the chances of vandalism and discredit from some drivers are high.
If somebody will try to blow the device with the air, the air volume passed through the device would not considered in the counter of consumed fuel, but will get into special counter – “Tampering”.
The counter “Interference time” will protect from attempts to influence the device with the magnet. It registers the duration of exposure to the device with the magnetic field.


Screen indication: fuel consumption counter

Counter name Units of measurement
Total fuel consumption liter
Total fuel consumption with the increased accuracy liter

Screen indication: time counter (DFM C only)

Counter name Units of measurement
Total engine (Consumer) working time
Working time of the Consumer in “Idling” mode hour
Working time of the Consumer in “Optimal” mode hour
Working time of the Consumer in “Overload” mode hour

Screen indication: tampering and interference counters

Units of measurement
Fuel consumption in “Tamper” mode liter
Time of interference hour

Screen indication: Parameters

Counter name Units of measurement
Instant fuel consumption liter/hour
Measuring chamber temperature °С

Screen indication: Service information

Software version Program version
Battery charge As a percentage of the maximum, step is 10 %
Help 1 The allowed value “Fuel rate volume” is exceeded. Checking is recommended
Help 2 The allowed value “Fuel consumption in “Tamper” mode” is exceeded
Help 4 Battery voltage is low

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