Fuel flow meter with electronic counter DFM

Simple solution for fuel consumption control

Fuel flow meter DFM 100C - the simple solution for fuel consumtion control


DFM is a simple and easy-to-use fuel flow meter designed for measuring fuel consumption and operating time of vehicles, tractors, river boats, diesel-generators, boilers, burners - any mobile or fixed installations with diesel engines.

Total fuel consumption, engine operating time in various modes (idling, optimal, overload) are shown on the electronic screen of the fuel flow meter. DFM has no buttons, switching of indications is made with special contactless key.

Range of DFM devices includes the following models:

• Autonomous fuel flow meter with screen (fuel counter);
Fuel flow meter with screen and pulse interface;
• Fuel flow meter with screen and digital interface;
Fuel flow meter without screen;
Differential fuel flow meter.


• Protection against unauthorized interference and tampering;
• Engine working time control: total and in various modes;
• Resistant to vibration and hydraulic impacts;
• Easy to mount and service;
• Big built-in fuel filter;
• Automatic thermo compensation;
• Clear installation instructions, high quality technical support;
• Full set of mounting accessories.

All the fuel flow meters DFM are tested on the metrologically certified installation.

Is it possible to cheat the DFM?

It is recommended to seal pipe connections after the fuel flow meter output.
And even if unfair drivers will try to blow the meter with air (it is usually the first thing that comes to their mind), the fact of intervention will be registered. This is the unique tampering control function of the fuel flow meter DFM.

DFM installation experiences

We have the great installation experience of fuel flow meters DFM on the various types of technics. Fuel flow meter DFM can be installed on the following vehicles: trucks, tractive vehicles, tractors of various types, loaders, graders, road-building machinery, technological transport, fixed installations with diesel engines etc.


Fuel flow meter DFM enables to receive objective information about fuel consumption and vehicle working time. It also allows to reduce the fuel and repairing costs. It is possible to develop the fuel consumption rates for selected routes and technological operations.

The economic effect of using the fuel accounting devices is different at various companies, usually from 10 to 40%, depending on the baseline situation and management persistence.

Diesel fuel flow meter DFM is irreplaceable tool in conditions of permanent escalating prices for fuel!

DFM models designation for the ordering

Fuel flow meter designation for ordering
Fuel consumtion control with flowmeter DFM


The required accuracy of fluid filtering

0.08 mm
Connecting thread

Nominal pressure

0.2 P
MAX pressure

2.5 P
Measured liquid temperature

from +10 to +40
Overvoltage protection (short-time)

<100 V
Current consumption

<25 (24V) <50 (12V)
Environment humidity at 40 C

Vibration resistance

MAX acceleration < 100 /c² in the frequency range 5-250 Hz
Operating temperature DFM without screen, from -40 to +80
DFM with screen, from -20 to +60

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